What should wine growers expect ?

The global epidemic has upset businesses and consumers in a new context. In the area of wines and spirits, some companies have seen their sales drop, new behaviors have emerged, others have seen their online sales double.

In this article, find the important points to remember from post-confinement in the wine and spirits sector: What are the consumer’s expectations? What are the new consumer behaviors? What were the successful businesses during the lockdown? What are the opportunities to seize for the start of the 2020 school year? What recommendations to respond to these new behaviors?

The Consumer, More And More Connected And On The Lookout For New Trends

To face stiff competition, companies today must constantly innovate in order to retain their customers and attract new customers. Consumer behavior is constantly changing. For example, we have all more or less ordered a product on the internet, looking for advice or recommendations before making the purchase. In the field of wines & spirits, consumers are looking for quality, transparency and traceability, personalized service and a unique customer experience.

The 25-35 age group: a potential target to increase your sales!

The 25-35 year olds are those who go to their friend google to find out about the product, or possibly put one, depending on their satisfaction. Thirsty for curiosity, they like to test new wines and live an exceptional experience.

Examples of the latest innovations in the sector:

Box Le Petit Ballon

Box Le Petit Ballon
Box Le Petit Ballon

<strong> Le Petit Ballon </strong>: a French company created in 2011 by Martin Ohannessian and Jean-Michel Deluc (former sommelier at the Ritz), Le Petit Ballon has won its bet by offering wine subscriptions. Their mission is simple: to make wine accessible, easier to buy and easier to enjoy. Le Petit Ballon offers a monthly wine box to discover or to offer.

Why, do we like this concept? Consumers can freely choose the type of wine they want and discover new products selected by professionals. Amateur or expert, he receives in his box a magazine, explanatory sheets on the wines of the box. A concept that meets consumer expectations.

Vivino, the world’s largest wine marketplace

Vivino, the world's largest wine marketplace
Vivino, the world’s largest wine marketplace

Vivino, the right wine app for you: is an online wine market and wine app. The pros: 42 million users, the largest wine-loving community, the largest wine marketplace in the world. You can rate your wines and give your opinion, discover new ones and shop from a rich catalog of several million vintages, in just a few clicks.

The VINOTRIP wine stay reservation platform

The VINOTRIP wine stay reservation platform
The VINOTRIP wine stay reservation platform

Wine experience in a divine setting: the Vinotrip and Airbnb experiences platforms offer discovery and tasting packs for wine-loving consumers wishing to live an emotional experience in the vineyards.

Feedback from these experiences: customers share their experience on their social networks, do not hesitate to give their opinion on the internet and recommend the experience to those around them. The real advantage to gain visibility and customers!

Confinement And Post Confinement: The New Behaviors

vignoble Surfstudio wine

Health crisis, closure of restaurants and bars, cancellation of festivals and concerts around the world. In recent months, businesses and consumers have suffered.

Some drank more than usual, others cut back on alcohol to take care of their bodies, or others drank more than usual for fear of breaking out.

New behaviors have emerged: online shopping. During the lockdown, it was difficult to go shopping and to protect themselves, consumers preferred to buy online. An opportunity for wine companies to be present on the web.

In Switzerland, the drinks.ch site saw a 300% increase in online sales. In the United Kingdom, Wine Merchant Berry Bros & Rudd saw its online sales explode from the first days of containment with a delivery of 18,000 on the first day and 24,000 on the second.

In France and Australia, supermarkets have limited the quotas linked to the purchase of alcohol in the face of consumers who have flocked to stores.

Post containment: Consumption is on the rise again with afternoons and evenings on the terrace. Citizens show solidarity by supporting individuals. During the seclusion, an awareness developed. The customer seeks emotional contact, simplicity with his salesperson. A great opportunity for wine producers to strengthen their customer relationship.

Digital, An Indispensable Tool For Staying In Touch And Maintaining Relationships With Customers

vinetsociete degustezconfines Surfstudio wine

Caption: Wine, Society, has launched Insta Lives # DégustezConfinés, for the duration of the confinement, 3 times a week, where the tastes of wine and pleasure and food are shared

We do not know the end date of this crisis. Using social networks to stay in touch with customers is essential. It is an exceptional tool for maintaining relationships and helping people discover their daily life. Take the Insta Lives, for example, during lockdown, where we got together for a drink. This is the perfect time to make yourself known, discuss and create a special bond with your community.

Les Solutions Surfstudio Pour Vous Aider À Surmonter Cette Récession

Surfstudio, your Swiss digital agency, based in Valais
Surfstudio, your Swiss digital agency, based in Valais

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What to remember for tomorrow: in these difficult times, it is important to support each other, to get back to simple and friendly things. Digital is a way to deal with this situation to find new customers, and to innovate in your offer and learn more about its use. Essentially, using digital tools is a great way to stay close to each other, to communicate, to exchange views and to create a unique bond between consumers, producers and distributors. Let us show solidarity and move forward together.

Surfstudio provides assistance in optimizing your digital strategy. Our experts support you in defining together the actions to be taken for the future of your business. For any questions, seek the advice of a Surfstudio expert.

Do you want to give us feedback on this subject? Send us an email or leave a comment below (remember to optimize your presence 😉

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