The best communication tips for restaurants that deliver to your home

The COVID virus affects all restaurateurs including hotels, restaurants and bars were closed their establishments on March 15, 2020. In addition, catering specialists have seen their annual turnover significantly drop despite an unexpected recovery in early summer. New petitions are being signed constantly in order to limit the spread of the virus but also to limit the damage of the crisis and anticipate the end of the year in the best possible way, in this article we reveal the secrets of those who have already known recover a large part of their losses or even generate profit …

Restaurants in Valais – Communication strategies

Advice and marketing strategies to survive the health crisis.

Containment has plunged us into a new world and more than ever, we are forced to resort to the web world to survive this crisis.

This obviously weakens companies in the sector, as fewer customers go out and prefer to stay at home with friends in order to reduce the risk of being placed in quarantine and thus be able to consume freely without having to wear masks.

Facing the wall, restaurant owners have two options: close their establishment entirely or remain open and offer take-out or delivery services. This is why, more than ever, the importance of communicating with its customers has become essential but how to achieve it if one does not have any knowledge in the digital field while limiting the breakage and avoiding paying too high a bill. with conventional digital agencies that will make you dependent on their services?

At Surfstudio , we have helped several companies to survive this crisis by giving them the keys to become autonomous and thus create relevant content to disseminate it intelligently online on social networks and transmit in the best possible way information concerning them in order to maintain relationships or even strengthen ties with their customers who will be more and more connected since the lockdown period than before. Indeed, some restaurants have even seen an increase in their income during the summer in comparison with previous years and this thanks to sustained communication and a quality website, indeed, an effective website is not limited to generating traffic but mainly to obtaining highly targeted prospects.

Restaurants In Valais - Communication Strategies

If your restaurant offers take-out or delivery service, we recommend that you apply the following tips:

  1. Inform your customers about your services

You can indicate on your Google My Business page that you offer takeout and delivery service. Adding a description of your establishment and sharing a post on your Facebook page to insist is a start. Frequently using the keywords “take out” and “delivery”, which have been increasingly sought after on Google in recent days, will help you climb to the top of search results.

On social networks: you can also share a post and a story to tell your followers that you are open or that you prepare meals to order, but also that you offer a delivery service or that you collaborate with different delivery platforms such as (Uber Eat, Just Eat). We can help you set this up right on your website and explain how it works in detail.

Explain to them the hygiene measures taken in your restaurant. In this delicate period, it becomes essential to reassure your customers that they are counting on the actions that your teams adopt every day in order to limit the transmission of the virus. You must ensure the safety of your teams, delivery people and your customers.

To give them confidence, do not hesitate to explain the security implemented in your restaurant and to indicate strict compliance with the measures established by the Swiss government, and the addition in the general conditions on the site.

  1. Communicate on social networks like Facebook or Instagram

Boost your publications on social networks, especially Facebook and Instagram allows you to promote your services in a limited geographical area around the establishment. So you can reach a maximum of your customers or new inhabitants in an eligible area for the delivery of your dishes.

  1. Generate notoriety for your establishment

Building brand awareness of your restaurant can take time. Relations with the press or the radio represent an opportunity to make people talk about your services and increase the enthusiasm for your restaurant. With the help of journalists and influencers, or with online advertising, communicate about your take-out or delivery services! For better media coverage, don’t hesitate to identify journalists who have already written about the best restaurants that offer take-out and delivery.

Your establishment - your office - Communication Strategies

You can also repeat this process with influencers by targeting those in your region or near your establishment and contact them by presenting your services to them. In order to make them want to taste your dishes and share their opinions on their social networks or on “Tripadvisor” then to recommend your establishment to their subscribers. For this, we advise you to offer delivery to them.

Promote and offer quantity discounts

Most delivery platforms work with algorithms that favor establishments that grant discounts and set up promotions. If you want to get to the top of the page in search results like on google, you should offer dishes with sufficient financial margin to be able to offer them cheaper. It is also possible to imagine freebies for orders over a certain amount. You can also cancel your promotion after 2 or 3 days if you do not receive the desired results and instead rely on the quality of your services to retain your customers!

Update your information on Google - restaurant valais

Update your information on Google

It’s best to never stop communicating with your customers and stay open even if it’s to serve a few coffees. We hope to never relive this crisis again but keeping the connection with your customers will help you to retain them and to bring them back more and more often.

Bonus Conclusion – Some Tips:

  1. Donating to your customers to avoid waste will help improve your image

To avoid throwing away all your merchandise. There are apps that can help you do a good deed, give you the benefit of their marketing tools, and increase your visibility to more customers. This will allow you to reach new customers. “TOO GOOD, TO GO” is an application that has proven itself with restaurant owners and converted many establishments this year in Switzerland. https://toogoodtogo.ch/fr-ch/ press / releases / un-an-too-good-to-go-en-suisse

We hope this article has enabled you to learn a little more about the strategies to put in place to survive this crisis. Please feel free to comment on this article or contact us for any further information.


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