How to prepare and anticipate your digital actions

Surfstudio unveils an unprecedented article that highlights digital actions to be applied after the global crisis. How are you going to face the recession and prepare for the recovery, thanks to digital?

Companies, self-employed or individuals, we are now in a new context where social or commercial ties are impacted by the health and economic crisis. We are under an obligation to follow strict government measures. Surfstudio and its digital experts bring you practical advice and smart tips to adapt to this new environment and prepare actions for the future.
Many people have questions about the new behavior of consumers. But how are we going to anticipate our digital actions? Our practical advice below. Let’s go !

1. Summary of these last months of crisis:

The facts are present, yes they are there, but how to react? Website traffic is on the decline for most industries. Containment has changed consumer behavior. Indeed, they have abandoned certain needs such as shopping, local services: restaurant, bar, hairdresser, gym, cafe, etc. and have focused on primary needs such as food. We have seen an increase in web traffic to food and beverage websites. If you have not yet read our article for the wine industry . The online wine market exploded from the first days of containment.

Social networks, a powerful digital tool, have brought the population closer together

Social networks, a powerful digital tool, have brought the population closer together

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It’s not all about the negatives in all of this. Don’t be discouraged, let’s stay optimistic! You have all certainly experienced it, social networks have been a lever to mobilize individuals. We stayed in touch, we created close ties, whether from companies to clients, or from individuals to individuals.

The observation of your activity and consumer behavior

Where to start? As a first step, continue your activity, ensure the health of your employees, your partners and your customers, and be present in your community via social networks: publication of useful content, live chat, interactions between you and your community.

If you are not yet on the networks: Our advice for getting started on social networks (https://surfstudio.ch/fr/nos-conseils-pour-bien-debuter-sur-les-reseaux-social/)

Secondly, take stock of your activity and your primary needs:

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What could work during this time of crisis?
  • Visits to my website and my sales have decreased, do I need to find new customers? If so, how do you attract and convert new customers? What acquisition levers to put in place?
  • How to take care and retain your current customers?
  • What is consumer behavior?
  • What new means of delivery and payment?

A more responsible and more reasoned consumer? During this period of crisis, the consumer has privileged primary needs and abandoned needs such as shopping. Today, it is difficult to analyze consumer behavior. Our point of view: a shift from mass consumption to reasoned consumption.

Finding number 1: during containment, consumers became aware of the values and primary needs. Now it consumes in a reasonable way. This neo-consumer will favor local products, transparent brands highlighting respect for the environment, quality products with an irreproachable nutri-score code.
Finding number 2: the crisis is still present and households will prioritize primary needs: to survive, feed their families, repay a loan or even not lose their job.

Bottom Line: Be nimble in this bipolar world. Adapt to responsible and environmentally friendly behavior by communicating not only about your offer but about your environmental values, your responsible and societal approaches with your stakeholders.

Digital, a way to strengthen your business

Digital, a way to strengthen your business

Social networks: your best ally to implement this agility. Not only is it free and you save money, but you have the possibility to change your responsible discourse easily, to know consumer behavior via post tests.
Be responsive and interact with your community.
For this start of the 2020 school year:

  • Manage and control your brand image
  • Work on your e-reputation
  • Set up an action plan in the event of a negative opinion

Your website up to date for the start of the school year: optimize your SEO and improve the user experience

You don’t have a website yet, do you want to refresh your site? Discover our web offers: showcase site, e-commerce site, marketplace, blog, website redesign: https://surfstudio.ch/en/services/

  • An up-to-date site
  • Work on your SEO, review your keywords

If you need advice regarding natural referencing, our experts are at your disposal: info@surfstudio.ch

Consider using other marketing means

If you were thinking of doing a trade fair, or other events, well COVID19 decided otherwise. Your marketing means are then modified. Have you ever heard of INBOUND MARKETING?

Read our article: Inbound Marketing for Dummies

Inbound marketing is the act of attracting the customer to you through content marketing. Example: quality content on its website such as videos, which will be highly identifiable by search engines and shared on social media.

The goal is to attract the attention of the prospect to your website, convert them into a qualified prospect and then into a customer, to retain them and make them become an ambassador for your company.

If you want to attract new customers and generate qualified leads then inbound marketing is the ideal way.

You can learn more at the link below: https://surfstudio.ch/en/inbound-marketing-for-dummies/

What to remember: Take advantage of the month of August to prepare your digital action plan for the start of the school year.
Take a step back and think: human, responsible, conveyor of meaning and agility.

Stay positive in your work and continue to work on your customer relationship, and your image on social networks. Stay available to your customers and prospects.

Use social media to share relevant and useful content, no need to send in mass information, you will drown your community. Give meaning to your publications and remember “responsible, reasoned, thoughtful, respectful of the environment”.

Surfstudio provides assistance in optimizing your digital strategy.
Our experts support you in defining together actions to be taken for the future of your business. For any questions, seek the advice of a Surfstudio expert.

Do you want to give us feedback on this subject? Send us an email or leave a comment below remember to optimize your presence 😉

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