5 reasons to get started on social media

Did you know ? Millennials (18-30 years old) spend an average of 5 hours a day on social networks. Facebook is the main social network for the Swiss with more than 4.2 million internet users. Instagram is the favorite network for 15-24 year olds. While 54% of Facebook internet users are over 35!

In this article you will find the reasons why it is important to be present on social media.

What is a social network? Whether you are an Internet user or a professional, a social network is a profile page created for the purpose of sharing information , photos, videos. The social network is a space for sharing which is distinguished by their usefulness (personal or professional page), their knowledge network, or their community. The social network is now a social media that has become essential.

Reason 1: Because your customers and your competitors are on social networks

Whether it is professional or personal, the majority of people are present on social networks. Even if some of you are still reluctant not to be present, today we have 4.2 million Internet users on Facebook, 2.4 million Internet users on the professional network LinkedIn, 1.5 million on Instagram, or 625,000 on Twitter.

Social networks are a free and easy way to reach your audience. Reason to be there if your competitors are too!

A way to increase your online visibility

Reason 2: A way to increase your visibility online

First, start by informing who you are, your activity and informing your current customers of your presence on social networks. Your customers are already connected and will not hesitate to stay informed about your activity and share your content with their community! When your community likes or shares your content, the chance that the visibility of your content will reach other targets is enormous and can multiply quickly.

Also make yourself known to more easily reach your target audience, increase your notoriety and create traffic to your website. A good initiative to see your business evolved, at a lower price.

Reason 3: A way to communicate, get closer and retain customers

Social networks are free, take the opportunity to distribute content! Use social networks to communicate and create a special link with your community. During the lockdown, social networks were an ideal tool for building a direct relationship with the customer.

Facebook implemented Facebook messenger, where businesses can pre-configure messages in order to more easily respond to customers.

Reason 4: Manage your e-reputation

Have you ever typed your business name into search engines to find out what was being said about you? Have you ever come across positive or negative opinions about yourself? The immense power of Internet users is not always in your favor. By being present on social networks, you can:

  • Manage and monitor your online presence
  • Control your brand image
  • Work on an action plan in the event of negative opinions

Reason 5: Source of traffic to your website and acquisition of new leads

By posting on social media, you not only make yourself known but you attract new users who may be interested in your offer. Remember to include links to your website in your posts. The use of tracking links also allows you to obtain statistical data and to be able to identify user behavior.

Improve your SEO

Being present on social networks allows you to work on your natural referencing and increase your chances of appearing in top position on search engines.

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